What is TYPO3 CMS ?

TYPO3 CMSThe Enterprise Content Management System is the

  • Free and open source web content management system.
  • Released under the GNU General Public License.Most widely used Enterprise Content Management System
  • Providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile applications worldwide.
  • Great support for a small but fancy website for your business or non-profit organization,
  • Gives great support to business by building a large and scaleable multi-lingual portal for your global enterprise
  • Want to publish content across all kinds of devices including mobile.
  • TYPO3 CMS is the right choice, enabling you to manage your content and assets – always with a focus on your current needs.

TYPO3 CMS Summary:

  • Open Source – No license fee it’s free
  • Extensive Functions for Editors role
  • Multilingual – provide localizations, also provide unlimited Frontend publishing
  • Safety First – Provide Active security management
  • WorkSpaces & Versioning – Provide Integrated Development and Editing Workflows
  • High Scalability -It Expand with API-based framework
  • Multisites -TYPO3 Manage unlimited numbers of sites and apps from one installation
  • Granular Access Rights – TPYO3 provide Control access groups, users, sites, pages, content and everything else which good for the website.
  • HTML5 & Mobile Ready – TYPO3 publish future proof content
  • Professional Service – Provided by web agencies, freelancers, hosting companies and TYPO3
  • Unlimited Extendibility -TYPO3 is providing 6,000+ free extensions and counting!

NEOS Services

  • Neos Template Integration
  • Neos Custom Package Development
  • Neos  Extension/Package Customisation
  • Upgrade Neos
  • Migration TYPO3 to Neos CMS
  • Neos Maintenance and Support
  • Hire Neos Developer/Designer
  • Hire Dedicated Neos Developer

FLOW Services

TYPO3 Flow is a web application platform which helps developers to create powerful web solutions and gives lots of joy in the coding mechanism. By this, you get fast results. TYPO3 Flow is a reliable foundation for complex applications. TYPO3 Flow is backed by one of the biggest PHP communities. We Love TYPO3 and It’s Family.

TYPO3 Flow Used with:

  • Social Media Platform
  • Web Projects
  • Big Busines Project/Portals
  • For the CMS
  • For the Big database management systems Application