Set the Image into the Resource in the Page Property into the TYPO3

Hello All,

Today i phase the Work againts to display the Resource Tab image at the Front end.
If the Ressource Image is not Inserted the display Default image
and if the Resourve image is Added the display the the Resource image.

For this i got the TS :

lib.bottom_img = IMAGE
lib.bottom_img {
  file {
  # width = 550
  #  height = 126
    import {
      data = levelmedia: -1, slide
      wrap = uploads/media/|
      listNum = 0
    required = 1
  } = page : title
  #wrap = <div>|</div>


by using this i am sure then resource image is display on front end.

But dont forgot to attached with the C0nifg TS Root Page.





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