tabindex peoblem in Powermail in Typo3…

Hello All,

Today i have problem give the tabindex to the Contact form which is set using the Powermail in Typo3.

First R&D on this and get idea to set it from the Contact Editor.

In Contact Editor Select Plugin.Powermail_Addinitional_Config and add the uid of the elements using in th form as Textbox, Textarea, Radio button, Checkbox etc.

I got success to set the tabindex manually from backend using the contact editor. See the Screenshot.


Define the uid in this “Manual sorting of tabindex[plugin.powermail.barrier-free.tabindex]”..

if you got the problem with any uid for exa: “check_uid27_0” like this please remove prefix “check_” and only save “uid27_0” and problem is solved.


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