tt_news in TYPO3

1.1. Introduction

What does it do?

NOTE: This manual does not contain all new features an changes from tt_news 3.0.  See document “tt_news_3.0_changes.sxw” in the extensions doc/ folder for a more detailed description of the changes in tt_news 3.0

NOTE:Extension for displaying and managing news.


  1. 3 types of news items: standard news articles, external links and links, pointing to internal pages.
  2. Full multilanguage support
  3. News-articles can be related to each other and/or to internal pages. If two news articles are related, the link back to the source article is inserted automatically.
  4. The view of the complete news article  (single view) can be splitted to multiple pages. Pagebreaks can be inserted manually by a userdefined “pagebreak token” or after a certain amount of words.
  5. All types of mediafiles can be assigned to news-articles.
  6. Very flexible news content-element with the following functions: several List views, Latest, Archive-menu, 2 different Single-views, Search, a menu from nested categories (CATMENU) and a special kind of single view: the “version preview”.
  7. The appearance of the news plugin on the website can easily be changed by editing the html-template.
  8. 2 different html templates included: A table-based template which is kown from older tt_news versions and a new CSS-based template (see screenshots below).
  9. News-categories, that can be assigned to news (multiple selections possible). Categories can also be nested to each other. News can be selected (or de-selected) for display by their categories or parent-categories.
  10. All category trees in BackEnd forms can be expanded and collapsed. If you have a huge category tree this will speed up the rendering of the tree significantly.
  11. Category-images and category-titles can act as link to a specific page or function as category-selector.
  12. The Single view of an article can show a list of news, having the same categories assigned as the current article.
  13. In the BackEnd categories can be used to configure the editing permissions for news records. A list of allowed categories can be configured for a BackEnd usergroup. If a member of this group tries to edit a news record that does have at least one category assigned that is not in this list saving of the record will be disabled.
  14. Internal search function with configurable “search fields” (can be combined with the category-selector function to filter results by categories).
  15. “Editlock”: By activating the checkbox “Restrict editing by non-Admins” a news record can be locked for editing by non-admin users.
  16. “Automatic archiving”: After a given number of days has passed, news are automatically in the archive, no need to set an archivedate manually for each item.
  17. Supports caching and Indexing: If caching is enabled news-articles are indexed by the extension “indexed search”.
  18. Supports “direct preview”: When the “save & view” button in a news record (in the BackEnd) has been pressed the “single view” of this record will be opened on the website. (see section “Page TSconfig”)
  19. Several possibilities to add user-defined scripts to process the output of the extension f.e. to add your own markers and templateparts. (-> see sections “Configuration/files” and “Extending tt_news” for some examples)
  20. Supports export to the following XML-feed formats: RSS 0.91, RSS 2, RDF Atom 0.3 and Atom 1.0.
  21. Supports versioning and workspaces. “Versioning preview” is supported with a special mode of the tt_news content element (VERSION_PREVIEW) which will be available if the extension “version” is installed.
  22. “Context sensitive help” (CSH) for all fields in the tt_news and tt_news_cat BackEnd forms.

New in tt_news 3.0

  1. New backEnd module to manage news records and categories: “news admin”
  2. FE plugin changes:- OptionSplit for many parameters (even in flexform)- New Display modes (CODEs) and template parts- Build-in processing of generic markers (thanks to Ringer Gerorg 😉 )
  3. Easy update: new updater script which fixes the most common migration problems
  4. Serious speed improvements: internal caching of processing intensive values
  5. Improved usability: reorganized constant editor options, plugin flexform and news record form.

See document “tt_news_3.0_changes.sxw” in the extensions doc/ folder for a more detailed description of the changes in tt_news 3.0


This version of tt_rews requires at least TYPO3 4.1.0 to run, some features require TYPO 4.2 or 4.3 (which is recommanded to use).

WARNING !! Do not install this tt_news version on TYPO3 prior to version 4.1.0 because it requires features that are not present in older TYPO3 versions. Don’t even try it, because it might break your TYPO3 installation!

PHP version: tt_news should work on all PHP versions that are also supported by TYPO3 (from 5.2.x to 5.3.0).

MySQL version: 5.x.

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