TYPO3: PageID Show in PageTree (page tree) – Backend


The PageIDs are almost always required in TYPO3. Most to quickly put a link. Therefore, I will show briefly how the PageID in PageTree (page tree) can be displayed.

Therefore, I use every time you install a new TYPO3 project to display the following option to the IDs directly in the page tree next to the title:

SET this TS in Backend : options.pageTree.showPageIdWithTitle = 1

This option can user groups or individual users are displayed.

Blank page IDs for the admin of the page title View: Step-by-step :

  • Step 1: Open in the admin tools that UserAdmin¬†
  • Step-2 :Open the settings of the desired user
  • Step 3: Open the Options tab
  • Step 4: In the following snippet enter TSconfig:¬†options.pageTree.showPageIdWithTitle = 1
  • Step 5: Save and Close


Finalizing the page tree (PageTree) should be reloaded:

It is also possible to activate this option for a group of editors.


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