TYPO3: PageID Show in PageTree (page tree) – Backend


The PageIDs are almost always required in TYPO3. Most to quickly put a link. Therefore, I will show briefly how the PageID in PageTree (page tree) can be displayed.

Therefore, I use every time you install a new TYPO3 project to display the following option to the IDs directly in the page tree next to the title:

SET this TS in Backend : options.pageTree.showPageIdWithTitle = 1

This option can user groups or individual users are displayed.

Blank page IDs for the admin of the page title View: Step-by-step :

  • Step 1: Open in the admin tools that UserAdmin¬†
  • Step-2 :Open the settings of the desired user
  • Step 3: Open the Options tab
  • Step 4: In the following snippet enter TSconfig:¬†options.pageTree.showPageIdWithTitle = 1
  • Step 5: Save and Close


Finalizing the page tree (PageTree) should be reloaded:

It is also possible to activate this option for a group of editors.


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  1. Seems to be a TYPO3 6.2 Backend you show for your screenshots? The info is valid and stays so, thanks for the post. I suggest to add the version, though, after TYPO3 is evolving fast and infos grow outdated over time. Any hint of valid versions makes it easier to search and decide for the individual case of the user.

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